The retreat to the Conyers Monastery brought some delightful experiences:

"You'll attend the retreat to learn about healing; what you'll learn is that you are a healer." Belita

"I sometimes think that those who practice yoga are very self-absorbed and self-centered. I was afraid that this retreat would reinforce that belief. However, this retreat had elements of giving yourself to another person as in the Healing Touch. Additionally, since it was a Christ centered retreat, the meditations had far more to do with contemplating Jesus's life and teachings than it had to do with achieving individual perfection. The setting at the monastery was peaceful and unhurried. I enjoyed the different services that the monks conducted...especially the Evening Vespers. The meals were simple, but I was never hungry. The rooms were sparse but had all that was needed. I would return to this setting for another retreat in a heartbeat." Lauren

There was no way to anticipate the feeling of inner peace and calmness that I left the retreat with. I had to nudge myself a little to go off on a weekend retreat without taking a familiar buddy. Turns out that most of us had done just that very thing, and it was delightful to get to know some familiar faces a little better, and make new friends as well. For a weekend we lived simply…and came away full of so much goodness. As always, I learned from Kandy, but I also learned from each person in the group. Julie​

​Thanks so much for the beautiful and well organized experience at the Monastery retreat. What a wonderful weekend! Peggy

I think it was a very good weekend, and everyone not only enjoyed themselves, but it had a deep emotional or spiritual impact. Paige

Schedule a half-day retreat
with a group of friends​​
Travel with Jesus to the Mount of Olives

Arrive in Bethany; Climb the steep road to the crest of the Mount of Olives; get a spectacular view of your desert and heal in the Garden of Gethsemane. We all have something that needs healing ~ whether it be spiritual, physical, emotional or mental.


Get ready for the climb with Christ Centered Movement.

Set your intention for the assent, warm the body, prepare the mind.


Be encouraged along the way with a Talk to help you stay focused on the process.


Look at the View with Two-way Journaling ~ Just you and God.


Pray in the Garden with a Prayer walk followed by Centering Prayer.


Prepare for the Desent by putting on your Armor of God

with Self Healing Touch


 Next Step ~ an integrative whole body approach to fitness

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